Ralph Cabage III, Founder and President

Ralph Cabage III brings over 25 years of experience in the aquarium industry to the Dealer Lounge, helping members build and maintain their businesses.

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By participating in the AquaLife Dealers Lounge and AquaLife Authorized Dealers Program, aquarium retailers can make their voices heard on issues of concern to the aquarium industry. We believe the independent, brick and mortar retailer plays a vital role in the growth of the hobby and the industry it supports.

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The integrated product line available exclusively from Aqualife Authorized Dealers makes inventory management easy. Refill programs save customers money and offer a greener option to wasteful packaging. Pricing is competitive with large discounters, yet stores retain full margins.

John Tullock, Executive Director

John Tullock, noted author and biologist, has partnered with Ralph Cabage III to create and maintain the Dealer Lounge, where brick and mortar retailers can access business-building resources.

Member Blog

Members-only blog by John Tullock and guest bloggers

The Sicce MINU LED prices are lower

The new Sicce Minu LED lights have been reduced in price making them even more affordable.  These Italian Lights are water resistant, have a five year warranty and work very well.  They are available from Sicce Authorized Dealers. See www.aqualifesupport.com.  They were rated best light by Reefbuilders.com.  Also See www.sicceus.com

August 12, 2013 ·


Our Experts Review Sicce Calanus

Sicce CALANUS provides all-natural aquarium nutrition for every tank and every hobbyist level. Sicce CALANUS offers a revolutionary approach to feeding both hard and soft corals, other filter-feeding invertebrates, fish larvae and fishes requiring zooplankton in the range of 2 to 4 millimeters and smaller. Supplying high-quality nutrition and eliciting a strong feeding response, CALANUS ... Read More »

August 9, 2013 ·

Member Product Reviews

The Wrong Attitude

by John Tullock Are some manufacturers so desperate to move inventory that they are willing to sacrifice the good will of long term customers for any level of sales? It would appear so. Aquarium Life Support Systems recently rejected an application from one “dealer”  who wanted to purchase products from a certain manufacturer. The rejection ... Read More »

July 16, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Praise for Sicce Calanus

by John Tullock I just received the following email from Leah Wood, assistant manager at Aquarium of Knoxville: “Sicce has provided us with another revolutionary aquarium product! Recently, they launched Calanus Marine Zooplankton, a food containing 100% natural copepods harvested from the Arctic Ocean. Calanus contains no preservatives. It will keep in its dehydrated form ... Read More »

July 9, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Bradley Caldwell Closing in OH

by John Tullock Pet supplies distributor Bradley Caldwell is closing it Dayton, OH, distribution center, according to news reports. The closing means the loss of 81 jobs. None of the reports cites a reason for the closure.

June 24, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Refractometer Promotion Successful

by John Tullock Thanks to all the members who participated in our recent refractometer promotion. We received orders for more than our target number of 5oo units, enabling us to offer a great deal to participants. This is what cooperative effort can accomplish. We also had several new members enroll, putting us over the 100 member ... Read More »

June 12, 2013 ·


Hagen Makes Big Announcement

by John Tullock Hagen has taken a giant step toward saving the aquarium industry from online low-balling. Here is the text of a letter sent recently to all Hagen’s dealers and distributors from Mike Dodge: “Please open and review the attached spreadsheet.  Please notice we have changed the pricing on all of the SKUs listed. ... Read More »

June 5, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Marineland Stoops to New Low

by John Tullock If you are still stocking Marineland products, you might be interested in this anecdote from Scott Gregory, manager at DL member store Aquarium Knoxville: “I had a customer come in earlier [today] who needed two of the same impeller. We had one and he purchased it. He called Marineland and wanted to buy one direct ... Read More »

May 30, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Sicce Reef Feeding Program a Game Changer

by John Tullock It’s not often you come across a product that is a real game changer for reef aquariums, but Sicce and Sicce-USA have a winner in our new Reef Tank Feeding Program. Full Disclosure: John Tullock is the Director of New Product Development for Sicce USA. Here’s what Matt at the popular hobbyist ... Read More »

May 29, 2013 ·

Member Product Reviews

The Sweetest Sound

by Ralph Cabage III On my way to Prestige Cleaners I focused on nothing more than getting in and out as fast as possible.  I put my stuff on the counter and the lady who works there said, “Hello, Mr. Cabage, you look busy today.”  “The sweetest sound for a person to hear is their ... Read More »

May 22, 2013 ·

Member Communications