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Ralph Cabage III brings over 25 years of experience in the aquarium industry to the Dealer Lounge, helping members build and maintain their businesses.

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By participating in the AquaLife Dealers Lounge and AquaLife Authorized Dealers Program, aquarium retailers can make their voices heard on issues of concern to the aquarium industry. We believe the independent, brick and mortar retailer plays a vital role in the growth of the hobby and the industry it supports.

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The integrated product line available exclusively from Aqualife Authorized Dealers makes inventory management easy. Refill programs save customers money and offer a greener option to wasteful packaging. Pricing is competitive with large discounters, yet stores retain full margins.

John Tullock, Executive Director

John Tullock, noted author and biologist, has partnered with Ralph Cabage III to create and maintain the Dealer Lounge, where brick and mortar retailers can access business-building resources.

Member Blog

Members-only blog by John Tullock and guest bloggers

Happy New Year!

by John Tullock Happy New Year! New Year’s Day is always a time for reflection, resolutions and re-commitment. From all of us at Aquarium Life Support Systems, I want to say “Than You!” for your business and your support during 2013. We look forward to a prosperous 2014. We have resolved not to give up ... Read More »

January 1, 2014 ·

Member Communications

Leopard Wrasse Breakthrough

by John Tullock Long considered one of the more difficult reef compatible fishes, the leopard wrasse, Macropharyngodon mealeagris, is nevertheless a beautiful and interesting member of the Indo-Pacific fauna. Numerous articles have been written concerning proper care of this fish, with some specimens surviving in captivity for five years or possibly more. However, the vast ... Read More »

December 12, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Reef Supplementation Part Three

by John Tullock This installment of our continuing series on reef supplements focuses upon alkalinity supplements. Various processes that take place in reef tanks, including biological filtration and calcification, deplete alkalinity. Regular adjustment with a supplement is, therefore, a necessary part of reef tank maintenance. Alkalinity is defined as the resistance of a solution to ... Read More »

November 20, 2013 ·

Member Product Reviews

Fall Season Forecast

by John Tullock The uncertainty created by the standoff in Washington over the country’s finances has eroded consumer confidence and the mood does not bode well for the coming retail season. If the issues over the debt ceiling and continued funding of the government are resolved before Halloween, it is possible that much of the ... Read More »

October 14, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Sensational “All-Sicce” Reef Tank

 by John Tullock This blog post is viewable by both members and non-members. Here’s a shot I recently received from our friends at Sicce SPA in Italy. This aquarium features Sicce LED lighting and pumps.   The tank is being fed with Sicce Calanus and Sicce HyperKoral, and as you can see the inevertebrates are thriving ... Read More »

September 25, 2013 ·


Reef Supplementation Part Two

by John Tullock Which calcium supplement is best? I am asked this question a lot. In fact, hobbyists often ask me which this or that product is “best.” It is a tough question to answer, because “best” is a subjective term. Therefore, in order to answer the question properly, let’s begin by considering what we ... Read More »

September 17, 2013 ·

Member Product Reviews

Reef Supplementation Part One

by John Tullock Every reef aquarist must have a method for replenishing the calcium carbonate depleted from the aquarium as corals and some other invertebrates grow and add mass to their skeletons. Over the years, several methods have been advocated for accomplishing this. Calcium supplements, mostly solutions of calcium chloride, were among the earliest reef ... Read More »

September 9, 2013 ·

Member Product Reviews

Advocacy Group to Protest False Waveline Claim

by John Tullock Check out this post from Reefbuilders. Apparently Waveline has used the UL logo on its packaging without actually having its products evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories. If you have product in stock, you might want to check the packaging and call your wholesaler for more information. We will post any updated information as ... Read More »

August 23, 2013 ·

Member Communications

Amazon Buyer Beware

by John Tullock Check out this screenshot from Amazon.com, regarding their customer service on Sicce merchandise. As everyone knows, Sicce is a sponsor of this web site, and I am their Director of New Product Development for the USA. We confirmed that the review is legitimate, because the customer ordered the parts from our Knoxville ... Read More »

August 22, 2013 ·

Member Communications

A Retailer’s Opinion on the MAP Pricing Debate

[Editor’s Note: This post comments on an articles from the trade magazine, POND, written by John Olson.] By Leah Wood A hot topic in the aquatics industry is MAP Pricing. Should manufacturers have MAP? How will they effectively control it? What IS MAP? Let’s start there: MAP is when a manufacturer establishes the lowest price ... Read More »

August 19, 2013 ·

Member Communications