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The AquaLife Authorized Dealer Program provides numerous advantages to members. All members are independent, brick-and-mortar retail store owners who have made the choice to succeed. AquaLife Dealers stock best-in-class products, set high expectations for staff competence, and provide superior customer service. They are dedicated to the growth and profitability of the aquarium industry, and believe that the best way to achieve this is to foster and support successful, dedicated hobbyists.
If you have made the choice to succeed, you may request membership by filling out the form below. Membership in the AquaLife Authorized Dealer Program is by invitation only. Your information will be verified before approval. Your information will not be shared with third parties nor disclosed, and will be used exclusively for conducting business related to the AquaLife Authorized Dealer Program. When your application is approved, you will receive an email containing a User ID and password that can be used to access Members-Only areas of the web site.
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  2. Members agree not to disclose privileged information to non-members, nor to provide any unauthorized person with access to the Dealer Lounge web site. Failure to comply may result in permanent termination of membership privileges.
  3. Members agree that the application, use or recommendation of any product, service or method described or discussed on the AquaLife Dealer Lounge web site does not constitute a guarantee of product performance or fitness for any particular purpose, that the nature of aquariums and aquatic animals and plants may cause them to react and behave in unexpected ways, and that you will hold harmless the AquaLife Dealer Lounge, its agents and sponsors from any liability whatsoever for the success or failure of any aquarium system, system component (including living organisms) or applied methodology recommended on this web site.
  4. Members agree that their communications via the forum, comments, or other channels available through this web site will be made with civility and respect for the opinions of other members.
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