Sicce Reef Managment System

Sicce USA announced the release of their HyperReef line of liquid supplements for reef aquariums. Consisting of three separate solutions for replenishment of magnesium, calcium and alkalinity, Sicce HyperReef supplements round out the Sicce HyperReef system. When used in combination with Sicce HyperKoral micronutrient coral food and Sicce Calanus zooplankton, these new products provide a complete, simple and foolproof reef maintenance system. Preserving the correct balance of important chemical components of seawater is crucial to the long term success of every marine reef aquarium. Reef organisms also require nutrient-rich foods of the correct particle size.

HyperReef_3_PartSicce HyperReef  Magnesium Supplement is Part One of the system.  Formulated at 55000 parts per million of magnesium, each milliliter of supplement will increase the magnesium concentration of one gallon of water by 14.47 parts per million. Before attempting to adjust calcium and alkalinity, the magnesium concentration should be measured and adjusted to approximately 1280-1300 parts per million.

Sicce HyperReef Calcium Supplement is Part Two of the system. Each milliliter of supplement will increase the calcium concentration of one gallon of water by 19.4 parts per million. The formulation contains 74000 parts per million of calcium. Reef tanks should be maintained at 420-440 parts per million of calcium.

Sicce HyperReef Alkalinity Supplement, Part Three of the system, is formulated to be ionically balanced with Sicce HyperReef Calcium Supplement. Each milliliter of this supplement will increase the alkalinity of one gallon of water by 0.526 milliequivalents per liter, or 1.47 dKH. Due to the balanced formulation, this supplement should be dosed in an amount equal to the calcium supplement dosage. Reef aquarium alkalinity should be maintained at 2.5 milliequivalents per liter, or 7 dKH, or slightly higher.

 HyperKoralSicce HyperKoral is a proprietary blend of highly purified L-amino acids, vitamins, sugars and trace minerals, formulated at the same concentrations as these substances are found in the waters around coral reefs. Hobbyists and industry professionals alike continue to report remarkable results after feeding HyperKoral for a period of several weeks. Both growth rates and color intensity are improved with regular use.

Sicce Calanus is manufactured from 100 percent pure, wild-harvested Arctic copepods, providing a rich source of protein and lipid in bio-available form. Sicce Calanus provides an ideal zooplankton diet for LPS corals and other filter-feeding invertebrates, as well as for both freshwater and marine fish and their larvae.Calanus

The complete Sicce HyperReef System is the world’s first simple, foolproof and comprehensive system for reef aquarium management. Every product is formulated from high-purity ingredients and each was designed by a professional biologist to meet the requirements of both novice and expert reef aquarists.

Sicce is recognized worldwide as synonymous with quality. The Sicce HyperReef System delivers unmatched quality at strongly competitive prices.

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