Sicce Packaging HyperCure in New, Larger Size

Sicce USA has responded to consumer demand with a new, larger size of its HyperCure reef safe disease control product. Formulated from a proprietary blend of natural herbal extracts, Sicce HyperCure is effective against:

• Saltwater Ich (Cryptocaryoniasis)

• Velvet (Gold Dust Disease,dinoflagelliasis)

• Protozoan parasites (Trichodiniasis, and others)

• Fungus (Saprolegniasis)

 “We have been very happy with HyperCure and have had no issues with it in our reef tanks.  The only thing we need is a larger size!” said Chris Deer, owner of Tideline Aquatics in Charleston, SC and Dealer Lounge member.

In response to repeated requests such as this, Sicce is now packaging HyperCure in a 16-ounce bottle in addition to the original 8-ounce size.

Sicce HyperCure has been tested under a variety of conditions and with a variety of reef organisms, with no unwanted side effects. Due to the vast variety of organisms maintained in reef aquariums, it is always possible that some species may react adversely to this product, however, that has not been the case in over a year of extensive testing and use in both hobbyist and store aquariums.

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